Children’s Dentistry

We want all children to be happy and healthy, and confident. Good dental care is central to all of these things and regular checkups are important, but we know that going to the dentist can be scary. Our team takes the time and the patience to make sure your child is comfortable and safe seeing us – dentistry and braces don’t have to always be scary. We make it a heartwarming and safe experience right here, for the best dental care in Bacchus Marsh.


We need to earn your child’s trust before we can do dental work on them. We do this by:


  • Getting to know and understand your child. We build a relationship with them, and you, the parents, so everyone feels comfortable and safe when you visit us.
  • Creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. We educate each child about what we do and what they need from a dentist. We show them how to maintain excellent hygiene and at home tooth maintenance.
  • Involve the children in their dental decision-making process. This way, they feel a part of what is going on, and they can begin to understand how it will help them in the long run.



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