Treat Dental Services, the best dentist, we make sure your routine checkups are anything but routine.

  • Check for dental problems you might not be aware of.
  • Early detection of tooth decay.
  • Early detection and treatment of other problems such as gum disease, lesions and mouth cancers.


What happens when you have a dentist CHECK UP with Treat Dental Services?


General check-up


We will conduct a thorough check on your medical and dental history, ask about your family history of any dental problems, and discuss any relevant dietary issue which could affect your teeth, such as heavy soft drink intake.

We’ll give your teeth and gums a thorough physical examination, and give you some general advice on your current dental health and how you can improve it, if necessary.




We will give your teeth a professional clean and remove the hardened plaque. We use ultrasonic scalers and metal tools to fully clean your teeth, in and below the gum line, much more thoroughly than regular brushing and flossing alone. 




Once your teeth have been professionally cleaned, we give them a polish to remove plaque and stains, such as coffee, from the surface of your teeth. The polish we use contains fluoride to further help protect your teeth. It’s applied using a small, rotating rubber cap attached to one of our dental hard pieces.




Our dentists will give you additional instructions and things you can do, at home, to keep your teeth shiny and healthy. Ask them any questions about your treatment and prevention regimen. Talk to them about teeth and gums, it’s their favourite topic of conversation!

We recommend visiting Treat Dental every 6 months for a check-up. If there are any more important dental issues discovered, we’ll arrange for more visits.

Understand that there can be emergencies in life, such as stress or injuries, that require more frequent visits. Don’t worry about it; our friendly staff can discuss a more frequent visiting schedule to fit your daily life. No need to hesitate. Book your dental appointment online today for your local Bacchus Marsh Dentist is here to help.


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