Teeth Whitening

A big part of self-esteem is your smile. If you’re happy with your teeth, you will be happy with your smile, and want to share it with the world.

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive way to brighten your smile. Whilst we always recommend regular dental care bacchus marsh, we offer teeth whitening services to remove built-up stains and discolourations on the surface of your teeth through the use of a peroxide-based product.

Teeth can stain very easily. Tea and coffee, red wine and soft drinks, can stain your teeth over time through regular consumption.

Whitening your teeth with Treat Dental Bacchus Marsh can give you 2-3 years of retained whiteness. The longer you abstain from food and drink, which can discolour your teeth, the longer they’ll stay white.


Teeth whitening services for any circumstance


Our services include two teeth whitening options:


  1. Teeth whitening for a single tooth. Some teeth can stain through internal trauma.
  2. At-home teeth whitening products.


Choose which method suits you best. Our trained dentists are happy to give you the ideal bleaching solution for your teeth, and we can answer any questions about the treatment in our practice or the take-home options.


Teeth whitening through Treat Dental is much more effective than something you buy from a supermarket shelf. You will have experts to consult with and make sure the procedure turns out great. Our treatments are less abrasive and have a higher concentration of peroxide, giving you a brighter and whiter smile.


Get in touch with the specialists at Treat Dental. We can discuss the best treatment options for you, either in-house or at home. We can work with you until you have the smile you desire.


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