Root Canal Treatment

If you experience extreme pain with a particular tooth, and there is an infection, it is highly likely to be a root canal problem.

Inside the hard layers of your teeth is what we call pulp. It is a soft tissue full of blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue.

A root canal treatment is the removal of infected pulp tissue beneath your tooth, disinfecting the pulp chamber, and filling up that space with an inert filling to avoid any further infection.


You might need root canal work if:


  • You have a large cavity that has extended into the nerve tissue.
  • A traumatised or cracked tooth.
  • Have heavy or excessive biting.


Root canal work can take several appointments to complete, depending on the number of roots a tooth has and the level of infection. We place a cover over your tooth between treatments so you can still use your tooth to eat.

Not all teeth are open for root canal work. Fractured or split teeth cannot proceed with the procedure; teeth with severe gum disease, or teeth with other kinds of structural damage that cannot be repaired.

If you’re unsure if you need a root canal, check with the Treat Dental Bacchus Marsh team. We’ll examine the problem tooth and discuss with you if you need a root canal and the benefits of doing such a procedure. Get Dental Care in Bacchus Marsh now. 



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